Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bubbling Over

I've been a goldfish keeper for many years, and darned if I'm not still fascinated by the delightfully mutated little lovelies. Faithful readers will recall my post last year about my ranchus, featuring photos of the softball-sized darlings who were my pride and joy and the kitschy tiki tank in which they lived.

Alas, I had to re-home those goldfish and that aquarium with a dear friend last year when I had health problems, and I figured I'd be fish-free for a very long time. But not many months had passed before I was absolutely pining for some goldies again. There's just something about them that feeds my soul ... if one's spiritual self can be said to flower in the presence genetically manipulated, garishly colored, glorified carp, that is. But I'm easy that way.

Since I wasn't physically able to maintain such a nice big tank any longer, I set my sights lower this time, finding a nice 30 gallon high tank on Craigslist and scaling down the whole operation to a more manageable level. (The ranchus, incidentally, are alive and well and thriving with my friend. Their growth has been astounding!)

This time around, I went with a goldfish variety that I've never kept before: the bubble eye. I've found that people have a visceral reaction to these fish when they see them, either "Omigod, those are freakish and hideous and why on earth would you keep them?" or "Hey, neat!" but rarely anything in between. And I admit that they're not everyone's cup of ... chowder? But I've always liked them and thought that this aquarium reboot was a good opportunity to give one a test-swim.

This is Hula, a red and white bubble eye of indeterminate (for now, at least) gender. I've had him and his buddy, Astro (a calico butterfly) for about six months now. Once I got over my initial fear every time I walked over to the tank that I'd find him with his bubbles deflated, Hula's been nothing but pure enjoyment. He's downright hilarious to watch, swimming all googly with those bubbles a-shimmyin' away beside him.

 photo 14362c14-079c-486b-9f94-dafcf0e0561f_zpsccde156e.jpg

And his sidekick, Astro:
 photo 210175e2-8a24-4994-a41a-d9ed661a6321_zps81a6b68e.jpg

Did I go ahead and tiki-fy the tank again? Oh my yes.
 photo image_zps0f579696.jpg

Remember, friends -- if it's worth doing, it's worth doing it retro. Best fishes!

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